An interview helps determine if a person is a good fit for a position within a company. Interviews can be time-consuming, demanding and even intimidating. Following a few tips and being prepared for the interview may help you land a job you are determined to acquire.

Arrive on time

Be sure to arrive at least ten minutes before the interview. Prevent possible distractions on the day of the scheduled meeting. For instance, decide on an outfit the day before to ensure you are not making a last-minute decision. Leave well in advance to avoid showing up late. Companies want punctual employees.

Be Confident and Positive

Smile, look the employer in the eye, shake hands and sit down when directed. It is expected that a person will be nervous during an interview and easily flustered, but appear confident and try to relax. Refrain from shuffling your feet, cracking knuckles or repeatedly running fingers or hands through your hair. Pay attention to what the person is saying and listen carefully in case a question is asked.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for questioning regarding past jobs and any future expectations you may have. Depending on the job you are applying for, the interviewer may ask how well you get along with others in a team environment, why the company should hire you and what kind of pay you expect. Sample work-related scenarios may be given, so the interviewer can witness how you react to certain situations.

Complete the Interview

Finish the interview with your questions about the company or the job. It is OK to want to know more. Most employers respect proactive applicants who show an added interest. Once the questions have been answered, briefly close your side of the conversation. List qualities you possess for the job and make it clear that you hope to hear back from the company.


Send a thank-you note. If you have been corresponding with the company via email, then a quick message over the Internet may suffice, or hand-write a simple note thanking the person who conducted the interview. Be sure to let the interviewer know their time was appreciated. Include your interest in the job and a phone number or email where you can be reached.

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