Executive Search & Selection

We focus on senior level positions; our success ratio is high because we have a process in place which focuses on the key areas to make the search successful.

Resarch & Analysis

In the research and study phase, we thoroughly understand the client's company, including their particular business needs and strategies, financial and market positions and work culture of the company. This helps us in identifying the right fit for the requirements.

Sourcing and Identification

Sourcing & identifying a pool of high qualified candidates by various advance headhunting techniques

Screening and Short Listing

After the initial screening of the candidates we conduct reference check and showcase the shortlisted candidates to the client

Interviews and debriefs

Our consultants schedule interviews between the client and the candidates. Consultants debrief both client and the candidate after the interviews to check the progress of the selection process.

Offer, Closure and Follow up

We actively participate in the offer negotiation with client and the candidate to make the transition as smooth as possible. We follow up with the candidates and the clients to ensure a strong relationship is maintained.

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